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求大神指教 SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not FounD: 1...

insert into msg%D%A(id,tetle,name,content)%D%Avalues%D%A(1,'dfds','sfd','dsf');%D%A%D%A试试,字符串都要加上单引号

新手最好是在出现错误的时候看清楚错误提示是什么:Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'lname' in 'field list' 翻译成中文就是有未知的列名:lname,你看看你的表有没有这个列名,还是你写错了

SELECT d.*,pm.label, ( SELECT COUNT(*) from (select js,jifen from deal where uid=m.id and time>DATE_FORMAT(time,'$Y-$d-$m') and state!=1 and state!=6 GROUP BY stoptime ) ) as jys from deal as d,members as m,pricemsg as pm where...

insert into accountinfo set id=2,name='吃饭',account='120',accounttype='餐饮',accountdate='20120501',remark='吃火锅';你好,像这样你测试看看。



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